Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beating Type II Diabetes - An Update

In April of 2014, when I got my blood chemistry numbers back into a normal range, I chose not to go back to my pre-Diabetes ways and, instead, stayed with the successful lifestyle that I adopted to rid myself of the disease in the first place.  That meant continuing to ban all foods containing added sugar, not eat grains and starches, limit portion sizes of what I did eat and get some exercise daily.

This worked so well that this month (December 2014), when I went back to my doctor for a check-up, my blood chemistry numbers were not only still in a normal range, all the important levels had improved.  My Hemoglobin A1C was lower, so was my bad cholesterol, while my good cholesterol was up.  Blood pressure was in a low normal range.  All the weight that I lost to accomplish this has stayed off.  When my doctor called me to give me the test results, he was not only impressed, but admitted that my cholesterol numbers were better than his.  He is quite a bit younger than I. 

What lesson can you learn from my experience?  Well, for one thing, you can beat Type II Diabetes.  For another, you can lose weight and keep from gaining it back.  For still another, with a diet and exercise program that you commit to for the rest of your life, you can regain your health and make yourself independent of prescription medications.  At this moment, I need no prescription medications to maintain my current level of health.  I take a minimum amount of vitamin supplements, 500 mg. of non-flush niacin a day, and one of those multi-pill “daily” supplement packs each week.  You know the type I’m referring to.  They come in a box of 30 daily packs, each pack containing five or six vitamin tablets.  I take one of those little packs once a week.  That’s it.

So, what is my plan for next year?  The same as for last year.  Eat the way I've been eating and get more exercise for my body.  For my mind, I will learn as much as I can about those things which I consider important: emergency preparedness, spiritual awareness, human relations, arid climate gardening, urban survival, and cats.  I will be doing lots more writing in 2015 as well and I will keep you updated about that here, along with whatever else I discover about how to get and stay healthy.

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